Friday, June 09, 2006

Hand Dryers

To me, the hand dryer found in most public toilets do not dry hands at all (if used conventionally, that is. I'll elaborate in awhile). I've seen some people rubbing their dripping wet hands frantically at the hand dryer. What they don't realise is even if they did that for the next five minutes, their hands would still not be dry.

And there're the odd ones who walk briskly to the hand dryer, 'dry' their wet hands for a few seconds and walk away with hands still wet.

Almost like a bizarre idol worship ritual if you ask me.

Oh, me? What I normally do is dry my hands with a handkerchief and use the hand dryer to blow dry my handkerchief.


sÞ¡ηηєє said...

hahaha nice topic to touch on.
*blink in disbelief* handkerchief.. a term i long time never 'see/hear'

anyway, tell u guys a secret:

1) Sometimes I get so pissed off with my own hairstyle during work, I go and wash the basin first, den rinse my hair...use the tissue papers to suck dry the water.. AND USE THE HAND DRYER TO DRY MY HAIR..


it's good to use :P :P :P

2)I still think those paper towels are best for usage. really dun have it hor.. USE TOILET PAPER LA.

*HAHAHAHAHA* ops.. *hides*

Wuching said...

u r rare! i'm surprised ppl still carry hankerchief nowadays~

The Wolf said...

Sigh... no patience for those dryers. The only one that is close to effective are the new ones at Plaza Singapura. Rest of the time I do what Spin does... paper towels, if none, then toilet paper.

Wah lao... I didn't even know people can still spell handkerchief.

I have to say though... *snicker*... the blow-dry handkerchief thing sounds so "uncle". :p

Really enjoy your comics. Has a very local flavour without becoming too ummm... overdone.

Sexual Innuendo said...

I dont even bother with these dryers anymore. Its ineffective and yet i can still see people queuing up to use it.

Yes, people waiting to use that stupid dryer when you can just wipe dry with hand towels or on your jeans and walk off.

Damien Wang said...

I once read a magazine article that the failure to use the hand-dryer is a sign of stress in the corporate world. I mean, at the rate it takes to dry your hands thoroughly, it's almost as good as taking time to 'smell the roses' (bad analogy for a toilet situation).

Actually, hand-dryers may go extinct for a reason simpler than stress or frustration with the drying power: I've seen more and more people walk out of the toilet without washing their hands. So who needs hand-dryers?

Natsu の Umi said...

I wipe my hands on my Dear's t-shirt. Haaahaaaaa... juz to irritate him! :p

Hoi Yean said...

I've experienced a really effective hand dryer at one of the Malls in Canada ( I shall not reveal the source).... it is very powerful and drys your hands in mere seconds, the down side is you'll get deaf in the process of doing it. IT IS VERY LOUD!!! I guess they need powerful engines.

Mickell said...

What really pisses me off are people who like to fling water off their wet hands sideways onto people beside them ;p

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