Monday, May 21, 2007

A Source of Inspiration

I'm back :)

I left a comment in my previous April Fool's Day entry that my next entry would be something on a source of inspiration for my comics. So here it is. Apart from observing people, I also enjoy looking at STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY. As for what stock photographs are in a nutshell, they're professionally taken photographs used by e.g. publishers, advertising agencies, etc to save time and money. For a more elaborate explanation, head down to the wiki site.

I enjoy looking at stock photographs featuring people. People in an office scenario or people interacting with one another. Sometimes it could just be individuals with rich facial expressions. Sometimes when I look at these photos, my imagination starts to run wild. Let me give you some examples.

Below is an illustration emulating a stock photo (I'm just drawing from my head, nothing specific from an existing series of stock photographs), featuring a lady reading a document:

Because we can't tell what the bonkers she's reading, the photo can be used in a variety of situations, e.g. a brochure talking about loans (I'm making this up as I go):

But in the hands of Ol' Dan, it will be something else altogether :)

Below is another illustration emulating a typical corporate setting stock photo:

A typical use of such a photo could be a page from a boring as hell publication:

But again, Ol'Dan sees things in a different way:

As the third example, I've drawn a sweet looking (even the poor deserves to dream, right or not? Heh.) office lady standing next to a photocopier.

Once again, it emulates the kind of stock photo destined for a corporate website or brochure. And once again, Ol' Dan has OTHER plans. Here we go:

Boh-liao = Nothing better to do.

Siao = Crazy

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