Saturday, November 25, 2006

Superheroes Of Ancient China

I present:

This is my mini adaptation of the Wu-Xia (Martial Chivalry) novel by Louis Cha - RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES. Oh yes, there's Singlish of course.

For the uninitiated, it would be beneficial to read the synopsis for the novel at the RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES wiki site prior to reading my comic. As for the rest, click the graphic above to begin reading. Have fun ;)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Some days back, the word 'Function' flashed across my mind and I remembered something from the 80's during secondary school. In essence, 'Function' was a social gathering between schoolboys and schoolgirls and if I remember correctly, it was strictly by invitation only. The function is usually held in a 'function room' of a condominium or if not, someone's house big enough to accomodate a crowd.

I've never been to one as I was one of the 'stoners' in class and I was never invited too. However, I knew of its existence from a mailer/invite being passed around the class or when one buaya (read hyperactive skirt-chaser) asked another buaya loudly:"Ay, wanna go function or not? Got Melanie they all going, you know?".

Melanie? Who the heck is that? They all? Who the blazes is "They all"?

Holy crap...How do these bozos even know so many girls in the first place? I came from an all-boys primary and secondary school and hardly interacted with females of my age save for those from bible studies class at my church on Sundays. Even then, it was nothing beyond "Hi" and "Bye". Not that I wasn't interested in women. At that time, I was more concerned about saving enough cash to buy all five Combaticons to complete BRUTICUS.

So what exactly goes on during a 'function'? I don't know for sure. But from flipping through photo albums (of the function) circulated around the class, I saw lots of breakdancing, buaya antics and of course, the gals. Some days I wonder if I missed out an important phase in life. Maybe. Probably explains why I'm still passive and indifferent about relationships. And not that I'll transform out of my otaku mode anytime soon.
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