Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue 2

Back by 'popular demand'. I was pleasantly surprised by the encouraging comments by my Hainanese readers in the previous 'Comic With Hainanese Dialogue'. As a disclaimer, my Hainanese is hardly anywhere near perfect and do correct me if I'm wrong. Oh yes, the 'fan-subs' are switched on by default this time. Have fun ;)

Editor: Ay, what're you doing?
I'm filling out my appraisal form. *Sigh..* Very Boring.

Editor: Why is it boring?
It's the same questions every year, I don't know what to write.

Editor: HEH! Write down you hope the company will promote you.
Promotion? Promotion my backside! The company increased our workload without raising our salary. So angry!

Editor: Don't be angry. If you're often angry, you'll age sooner.
Hmm...correct, correct. I'm not afraid of anything except ageing.
Hehe. Er...
What's the matter?
Look what's behind you.

Woman: AHH! Smash it quickly! Ee-Yer!!
Er...I'm also afraid of cockroaches.
Hiyah! So angry!

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Lad Is A Lady!

I'm back with a bumper issue, something 'old-school'. Hope you have fun reading it :)


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tales Of A Lone Adventurer 03

Some weeks back, I watched a couple board the bus with their baby in a stroller. The couple didn't fold the stroller and just wheeled it down the aisle to the rear seats. The man sat in front of me and his wife diagonally opposite. I had a clear view of the baby. The man asked his wife in Mandarin where she wanted to alight. She replied "At the next MRT station".

A few minutes later, the man pressed the buzzer to stop the bus. Immediately his wife told him off "Not this bus stop! The next one!". The man replied "Correct wanted to stop at the MRT station, right?" His wife replied "The next bus stop is nearer to the MRT station!"

Here comes the amusing part.

Woman to baby: "You see lah, daddy can't even follow simple instructions."
Man to baby: "Your mother is unreasonable, I tell you. Just now that bus stop also can one."
Woman to baby: "Don't listen to him."

I wonder what the baby was thinking at that time:

The couple alighted at the next bus stop and in my opinion, it was equidistant to the MRT station as the previous stop.
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