Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue 3

Singlish subtitles provided as usual. Added Chinese translations as the Hainanese lingo can almost be translated word-for-word. Have fun :)

Editor: Ay, what're you doing?
编辑: 喂, 你在做什么?
Woman: I'm following the 'big kid' to buy toys.
女: 我跟这'大小孩'买玩具.
Editor: Orh...hehe.
编辑: 哦...嘻嘻

Woman: Ay, but if you say 'toys' hor, he don't like one. Must say 'COLLECTIBLE', you know or not.
女: 哎, 但假如你讲'玩具'
hor, 他不喜欢的. 要讲'收集品', 懂吗.
Editor: Heh! Understood. Understood.
编辑: 哈! 了解. 了解.

Woman: I tell you ah, this type of soldier is his favourite. Aiyah, got machine gun he will like one.
女: 跟你讲啊, 这种军人他最喜欢的.
Aiyah, 只要有机关枪他就喜欢.

Woman: This black black bad guy is his favourite too. He loves watching STAR WARS. Watch dozens of times also won't get tired of it one. Faintz ah.
女: 这位黑黑的坏人他也喜欢. 他最喜欢看STAR WARS了. 看几十次也不腻. 晕啊.
Editor: HEH! You're not buying any toys ah?
编辑: 哈! 您不买玩具吗?

Woman: Hello, excuse me? Me buying toys? I big already I stop buying toys liao, OK?
女: Hello, excuse me? 我买玩具? 我长大了不买玩具的, OK?

Woman: Aiiiyoooh, this one is really cute lah! I'm buying this!
女: 哎哟, 这个太可爱了! 我要买下来!

Editor: Eh? Just now you said you big already so don't buy toys already?
编辑: 啊? 刚才你不是说你长大了不买玩具的?
Woman: Aiyah, I like then I buy loh...
女: 哎呀, 喜欢就买咯...
Editor: Heh!
编辑: 哈!

Woman: Ask him to pay, heehee! Ay, I damn bad one, hor?
女: 叫他付钱, 嘻嘻! 哎, 我真坏, hor?
Editor: HAHA!
编辑: 哈哈!


Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy National Day 2008

BOUNCE BACK TO LIFE reached a modest 200,000 page views recently after four years. Ol'Dan would like to take this opportunity to thank all for reading his boh-liao comics. Happy National Day 2008 to one and all.

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