Thursday, June 14, 2007

Miss Galaxy

Ol' Dan's 'summer blogbuster' :P

Note: Any resemblance to person(s) living or otherwise is purely coincidental.

Sianz = Boring

Yazid: When we were told to submit designs for the National Costume, I knew we were in for onehelluva ride. Initially we were stuck with the cliched 'east-meets-west' concept, pandering to the taste of foreigners and ended up with pretty much the same shit. With four major races in Singapore, you can't place too much emphasis on a particular race without drawing criticism. Then I said, THE HELL WITH IT.

Yazid: I trashed my crap designs. Staring at the blank white canvas, I had a BRAINWAVE. I finally came up with the perfect solution to please everyone. We're going back to basics, people.

Ulu = Remote

Agent Curtis: "Dude, what do I gain from lying to you? We're running out of time, let's hurry along."

Editor: Go get'em, Miss Singapore!


Monday, June 04, 2007

Close! Goddammit!

I was walking towards the lift lobby when I spotted the doors of a lift closing. Pressing the button, I was able to stop the doors from closing. As the door opened, I saw a primary school boy frantically pressing the 'door close' button in vain. And all the while, he had this facial expression as if he saw a monster.

Honestly speaking, I was probably just as 'guilty' as the boy at that age. Even now, it happens occasionally but under different circumstances. More like not pressing 'door open' when I could have, if I saw obnoxious neighbours appear at the lift lobby. That aside, wanting the lift door to stay shut can probably be attributed to the fear of 'what's lurking around the corner'.

There were occasions when the lift would stop at the wrong floor on the way up. The doors stay open for that few seconds and no one's around. Situations like this can really make the mind go wild, especially at night. Ol' Dan has a spark of madness and proudly presents a gaming experience unlike any other...

The mechanics of the game is simple - The player steps into a lift simulator. Within a stipulated time, the player has to press the CLOSE button 'x' number of times to shut the lift door before the demons (or whatever) get him/her.

'Girl-Next-Door' here will do a demonstration.

The game begins after slotting in 5 credits.

Heng ah = What a close shave

In a game like CLOSE! GODDAMMIT!, there's no time to relax. Turn your back and the lights go off and the old hag from hell attempts to open the door:

Pressing the CLOSE button repeatedly for 'x' number of times over 'x' period of time stops the old hag's attempt and brings you to the next level. I've switched the lights back on so you can appreciate the rich facial expression of 'Girl-Next-Door'.

Otherwise, it's GAME OVER. For 5 credits, you get scared silly and receive a souvenir photo too.

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