Friday, December 10, 2010

STGCC 2010

Ol'Dan is back at STGCC this year with the Singapore Garrison of the 501st Legion and trooping as an AT-AT Driver as usual (below right):

and as seen at AsiaOne:

I not only had a good time posing at our photo booth to raise funds for the Singapore Children's Society, I also got to meet StickGirl (at last):

Pardon my 'janitor' outfit, StickGirl. AT-AT Driver also need to take five. XD

To top it off, I bumped into an ex-JC classmate of mine whom I only knew for three months before I transferred out. After 20 years, he still recognises me and called out to me. Great to see him getting his son acquainted with Vader's finest troopers.

This will be a day long remembered.

p.s. Drop by the Legion photobooth to support our fund raising for the Singapore Children's Society.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

For non-Chinese readers:
The second and third chinese characters, 鸡 and 机 (ji) have the same pronunciation.
飞机 (fei ji) literally means 'flying (fei) machine (ji)', i.e. aeroplane.
飞鸡 (fei ji) literally means 'flying (fei) chicken (ji)'.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue 4

Happy New Year! Ol' Dan has been busy (and still is) with a long-term project which has been leeching his life-force. Glad I could squeeze time to do a new comic.

女: 这个屁股是谁的呢?
Woman: Whose backside is this?

女: 你是谁啊?
Woman: Who're you?

猫: 我是小小.
Cat: I'm the Little One.

女: Orh...原来是小小.
Woman: Oh, the 'Little One' I see.

Editor: The Hainanese word 'Boh' is somewhat a variant of the Chinese word '阿'. Just can't pinpoint an exact word for it. Also ' 阿小' doesn't seem right. Having the cat introducing itself as '小小' seems to convey 'the Little One' better.

女: 你要喝咖啡吗?
Woman: Would you like some coffee?

猫: 要!

Cat: Yes!

猫: Mmm....咖啡味真香!
Cat: Mmm...The coffee smells great!

女: 来, 请你吃蛋塔.
Woman: Here, let me treat you to an egg tart.

女: 你吃东西前没有洗手的啊?
Woman: Don't you wash your hands before eating?

猫: 不要浪费水.
Cat: Mustn't waste water.

女: 唉... 没话讲.

Woman: Haiz, I'm speechless.

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