Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My 'bumper issue'. An email correspondence with a reader unlocked potential material in my head for an interesting entry. Thanks, Amizadai. Hope you enjoy this entry.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue

This is a comic with two women talking about the most mundane things during lunch time. But I thought it would be interesting to present the dialogue in a romanised version of the Hainanese dialect. If you're totally clueless, mouse-over each frame for 'subtitles' (if you're using Internet Explorer). For FireFox and Netscape users, right-click on each image, select 'Properties' and view the alternate text.

(L): *Sigh* The weather is soooo warm.  (R): Hey, don't you get tired of eating bread everyday? I get nauseous just by watching you eat.

(L): I don't get tired of eating bread. Hehe. Hey, what're you looking at?  (R): Hey, there's a man staring at us over there.

(L): Who?  (R): Look carefully. The man in the blue shirt holding a plastic bag, wearing glasses.  (L): Oh...

(L): *Sigh* Let him stare. Obviously he hasn't seen pretty girls before.  (R): Hey! You're really thick-skinned.  (L): And you're not?

(L): Hey, talk to you another time. I've to rush back to the office to finish a report. My boss is really detestable.

P.S. Ay, Wu Siang Gkai Tah Bou Gkia Sum Gkai Jiao Nong ah :)

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