Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue 4

Happy New Year! Ol' Dan has been busy (and still is) with a long-term project which has been leeching his life-force. Glad I could squeeze time to do a new comic.

女: 这个屁股是谁的呢?
Woman: Whose backside is this?

女: 你是谁啊?
Woman: Who're you?

猫: 我是小小.
Cat: I'm the Little One.

女: Orh...原来是小小.
Woman: Oh, the 'Little One' I see.

Editor: The Hainanese word 'Boh' is somewhat a variant of the Chinese word '阿'. Just can't pinpoint an exact word for it. Also ' 阿小' doesn't seem right. Having the cat introducing itself as '小小' seems to convey 'the Little One' better.

女: 你要喝咖啡吗?
Woman: Would you like some coffee?

猫: 要!

Cat: Yes!

猫: Mmm....咖啡味真香!
Cat: Mmm...The coffee smells great!

女: 来, 请你吃蛋塔.
Woman: Here, let me treat you to an egg tart.

女: 你吃东西前没有洗手的啊?
Woman: Don't you wash your hands before eating?

猫: 不要浪费水.
Cat: Mustn't waste water.

女: 唉... 没话讲.

Woman: Haiz, I'm speechless.

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