Monday, June 04, 2007

Close! Goddammit!

I was walking towards the lift lobby when I spotted the doors of a lift closing. Pressing the button, I was able to stop the doors from closing. As the door opened, I saw a primary school boy frantically pressing the 'door close' button in vain. And all the while, he had this facial expression as if he saw a monster.

Honestly speaking, I was probably just as 'guilty' as the boy at that age. Even now, it happens occasionally but under different circumstances. More like not pressing 'door open' when I could have, if I saw obnoxious neighbours appear at the lift lobby. That aside, wanting the lift door to stay shut can probably be attributed to the fear of 'what's lurking around the corner'.

There were occasions when the lift would stop at the wrong floor on the way up. The doors stay open for that few seconds and no one's around. Situations like this can really make the mind go wild, especially at night. Ol' Dan has a spark of madness and proudly presents a gaming experience unlike any other...

The mechanics of the game is simple - The player steps into a lift simulator. Within a stipulated time, the player has to press the CLOSE button 'x' number of times to shut the lift door before the demons (or whatever) get him/her.

'Girl-Next-Door' here will do a demonstration.

The game begins after slotting in 5 credits.

Heng ah = What a close shave

In a game like CLOSE! GODDAMMIT!, there's no time to relax. Turn your back and the lights go off and the old hag from hell attempts to open the door:

Pressing the CLOSE button repeatedly for 'x' number of times over 'x' period of time stops the old hag's attempt and brings you to the next level. I've switched the lights back on so you can appreciate the rich facial expression of 'Girl-Next-Door'.

Otherwise, it's GAME OVER. For 5 credits, you get scared silly and receive a souvenir photo too.



h3lix said...

Lol very creative i hope to see this game soon in the arcade :P it's like neo-print and virtual cop all together!

Nice to see you are back eh :p update more often can't wait to see the next strip of yours =)


kenneth. said...

yes, i cant totally relate to that experience. like pressing the DC buttons to prevent irritating neighbours from coming in, or worst ghouls. shivers

Amizadai said...

Good gosh, this strip made me laugh so hard! I'm literally tearing up. The expression of the ghost-hag foiled just in time is absolutely priceless. Also the vaguely hopeful look as the doors start opening again.

But seriously, your arcade game is genius! I don't scare easy, but the very idea of your arcade game gives me the chills. I think it'd do well if it was ever produced. Anybody who's every lived in public high rise (think Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore) would totally get it.

Damien Wang said...

That's a good one, man. There should be a two player "Deathmatch" version with one player playing the man-in-the-lift and the other one playing The Adversary.

Maybe can add an upgrade by letting the player try to press the 'Door Open' button repeatedly to escape from nasty neighbours who have B.O., have noisy kids or just plain crazy.

The 2 lifts in my HDB block are actually more like a simplified version of "Whack the Mole": You walk up to Lift A (on the left of the lobby) and press the "Door Open" button but Lift B opens instead... even though both lifts are on level 1.

Ah 9 said...

i still do that nowadays...especially when i prefer privacy of my own in the lift.

And yes i do get those "open at wrong floors" situation pretty often, some at night. Especially at older housing estates. I get surprised, but just press door close and prepare to kick out at anything that looks bad. haaa

Wanni said...

HAHAHAHAHA omg I laughed so hard!!!!
The boy's expression is so funny lah!!

kein said...

rofl kewl idea :D

Saltine Cracker said...

Haha. Hey Daniel, the next time you're in the lift, and you see that kid approachin', you can play this game! =D Heh.

Lupin Tan said...

If those things are around, the lift doors will open by itself mysteriously anyway

Assjedi said...

I want this game in the arcades!

Very well done! i love this

simplyjean said...

gosh! I was reading this at 2:30am in the morning pic by pic and you scared the daylights out of me! haha... but well done!

however, my neighbours are quite nice... they usually press door open when i show them my aspirated look just when the door is closing :P i got nice neighbours! hehe..

kai said...

omg wow! haha i'll definitely play this game! i hope some game arcade company adopts this idea.

anyway besides pressing the button maybe you can solve puzzles instead to raise the difficulty level and can use your brain in this game too.

A.O. said...

To 'kai':

Thanks for reading :)

This comic is a satire and CLOSE! GODDAMMIT! is meant to be a no-brainer. The concept of the game is about as ridiculous as we can be sometimes.

You won't find any material here at BOUNCE BACK TO LIFE which can help you obtain a PHD. XD

PanzerGrenadier said...

Your idea is very creative!

You should copyright it and get some royalties in case some Japanese/Korean/Chinese company actually comes up with the game!

Wai Kay said...

My estate is rather new and have those lifts with windows of the doors. And if you hold down (not press many times) the close door button on the inside, the button on the outside won't open the door.

Think it could be a safety feature for situations like you mentioned. heh.

Parka said...

Nice. Hilarious!

Mockingbird said...

If it's a real ghost, it would have been able to pass thru the lift door to get to you :p

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