Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Comic With Hainanese Dialogue 3

Singlish subtitles provided as usual. Added Chinese translations as the Hainanese lingo can almost be translated word-for-word. Have fun :)

Editor: Ay, what're you doing?
编辑: 喂, 你在做什么?
Woman: I'm following the 'big kid' to buy toys.
女: 我跟这'大小孩'买玩具.
Editor: Orh...hehe.
编辑: 哦...嘻嘻

Woman: Ay, but if you say 'toys' hor, he don't like one. Must say 'COLLECTIBLE', you know or not.
女: 哎, 但假如你讲'玩具'
hor, 他不喜欢的. 要讲'收集品', 懂吗.
Editor: Heh! Understood. Understood.
编辑: 哈! 了解. 了解.

Woman: I tell you ah, this type of soldier is his favourite. Aiyah, got machine gun he will like one.
女: 跟你讲啊, 这种军人他最喜欢的.
Aiyah, 只要有机关枪他就喜欢.

Woman: This black black bad guy is his favourite too. He loves watching STAR WARS. Watch dozens of times also won't get tired of it one. Faintz ah.
女: 这位黑黑的坏人他也喜欢. 他最喜欢看STAR WARS了. 看几十次也不腻. 晕啊.
Editor: HEH! You're not buying any toys ah?
编辑: 哈! 您不买玩具吗?

Woman: Hello, excuse me? Me buying toys? I big already I stop buying toys liao, OK?
女: Hello, excuse me? 我买玩具? 我长大了不买玩具的, OK?

Woman: Aiiiyoooh, this one is really cute lah! I'm buying this!
女: 哎哟, 这个太可爱了! 我要买下来!

Editor: Eh? Just now you said you big already so don't buy toys already?
编辑: 啊? 刚才你不是说你长大了不买玩具的?
Woman: Aiyah, I like then I buy loh...
女: 哎呀, 喜欢就买咯...
Editor: Heh!
编辑: 哈!

Woman: Ask him to pay, heehee! Ay, I damn bad one, hor?
女: 叫他付钱, 嘻嘻! 哎, 我真坏, hor?
Editor: HAHA!
编辑: 哈哈!



Mockingbird said...

Star Wars is one of those movie series where a fan doesn't get tired from repeated viewing. Although i have to confess i doze off watching Episode IV: A New Hope quite a few times :p

i still love the impressive advanced effects of Episodes I, II and III :)

Sensei Michael said...

Mockingbird possibly does not belong to the generation for whom the special effects of Star Wars in the 70s-80s was something amazing.

I remembered one of my pupils, who saw the re-release of IV before I. He was like, "huh?" after he watched it. He has seen much better stuff in his lifetime. :)

I am not Hainanese, but finds it easy to follow the dialogue, because I'm Hokkien. :)

Damien Wang said...

I'm guilty of buying "collectibles" sometimes.

Mockingbird said...

i was born in 1972. When i watched Episode IV for the 1st time, i was only 6 years old :) i remember being carried by my dad in Odeon cinema watching the one of the final sequences where Darth Vader was chasing after Luke Skywalker in the trench of the Death Star.

Somehow, i still prefer the vastly superior CG effects of Episodes I, II and III, compared to IV.

I do like the special editions of Episodes IV, V and VI though :p

Sensei Michael said...

You are so lucky, mockingbird! At that age, my family could not afford movies. My first exposure was The Empire Strikes Back, *then* I retroactively watched IV on video...


Undine said...

hahaha!!! those recently introduced buns - which are stress balls - are so so soooo cute!!! I was tempted to get them too... =P

bektungjin said...

wah, hutdugaikarsui, Guah Boh Tai Ting Chiew Por Uu Suki Nang Bat Dor Ay Nam hueh Comics. Guah Ndang oh.

Tsu Lin + + said...

Wah! Found your hainanese blog via Facebook Hainanese group. Amazing. Keep it up...

"Hut du moh kar sui!" ROFL! Jin dee hwo sio! (very funny)

StarWarsGeek said...

Star Wars is THE most misunderstood movie of all time, despite being THE most epic Sci-Fi movie of all time.

True Star Wars fans despice the PT (Prequel Trilogy), despite their advanced CGI rendering and spectacular visual effects.

Star Wars can only be appreciate if you take the time to understand how it was created, why it was created, and the journey it took from being words on a notepad to a full-length movie.

And guys wearing Slave Leia costume to American Idol audition, and wannabe fanboys/girls grabbing up all those garbage churned out by the toy manufacturers don't help paint a clearer picture of why Star Wars is so epic either...

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