Wednesday, August 08, 2007


>> ONDEH ONDEH demystified
Miss Long Hair speaking Hainanese: Ondeh, Ondeh, my favourite!
Miss Short Hair speaking Hainanese: Hey, don't choke (to death) on your food.
Bpong Kgang = Stupid


Shaun said...

Dan, your banner rocks! Have linked to you.

lillyelf said...

whee! another hainanese lesson! =)

PanzerGrenadier said...


You must be the only hainanese cartoonist/graphic artist who uses the language around!

Well done. :)

c.s. said...

this is my first visit, and i'm totally impressed by what you are doing here in your blog.


will come back for more.

Barffie said...

OMG I'm late! Paiseh paiseh paiseh.

Anyways you reservist ah? How come in FBO? :P:P:P

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