Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The patient

Flu season it seems has arrived. Unfortunately, this frail body of mine loves to embrace the bug. Saturday morning - I dragged my lazy ass to the clinic only to find the entrance thronged with people. Not a good sign. I went inside to register myself and was issued a queue number. The receptionist told me:"Your turn in about 45 minutes, can wait or not?" "Can't wait also must wait" I replied with a wry smile. Honestly, what else could I do but wait?

Visiting the clinic helps a patient cultivate patience. But one's determination is put to the test when the doctor happens to be a paediatrician by practice. However, the good doc attends to patients ranging from those who have not achieved self-awareness to those needing help to 'rise' to the occasion. Crying babies are understandable but screaming 2-3 year olds who abuse toys and turn magazines belonging to the clinic into kachang-puteh cones is another matter. "Hey doc, I think you'll flip over your magazines."

Then we have the 'family outing' category. A mother entered the clinic with her son. They registered, took their queue number and sat down. Shortly after, the husband entered the clinic with the kid's sibling. Not too long after, the grandparents showed up. "Hey Miss Receptionist, you may bring out the mahjong tables now and don't forget the cough mixtures from the freezer." There's only one patient in the family but seats are being occupied by others who don't really need to be present.

Seats? I'm not seated down at all. I'm standing outside the clinic with a bottle of mineral water tucked under one armpit and flipping through a free newspaper (while constantly monitoring the queue display). I'm at the clinic to get rid of my illness, not my sanity. But waiting outside the clinic was no solution either. Especially when the convenience store next to the clinic has one of those noisy coin-operated kiddy rides. 20 cents for a minute of "Kang-Ding Love Song" sung by children. Good grief.

Doc, I need to see you right now. Waiting is such a pain.


hl said...

yes i hate this too.. same case here in bedok.. sorta cheap clinic so lotsa heartlanders cheong here... haha :)

siyang said...

i dont think it's 20cents anymore.. more like a dollar..

angry doc said...

Muhahahah! Beg and grovel at the feet of angry doc!

Anyway, I think your comics are really well-executed and truly 'uniqely singapore'.

I'm adding your blog to my Bookmark.

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