Friday, February 18, 2005

I Love Fire-Drills

Just a few days back on 15 Feb, Singapore commemorated Total Defence Day. Especially on this day, fire-drills are not uncommon. In my previous employment with a big corporation, fire-drills were conducted periodically. I got to confess I LOVE fire-drills. Apart from learning how to 'run-for-my-life' in an orderly manner, fire-drills were also a good break from the monotony of work. But truth be told, there's another reason why I enjoy fire-drills. Remember watching movies with scenes of mice scurrying out from a flame-engulfed building? The fire smoked out the mice. But In the case of a fire-drill, the mock fire smoked out the babes. Yes, THE BABES.

My office was located on the third floor of a four-storey building. I hardly had any reason to go to the first, second and fourth stories. Hence, it was basically seeing the same old faces day-in-day-out. During the first fire-drill of my employment, my colleagues and I darted off to the exit at the sound of the fire alarm and made our way down via the staircase. We proceeded to the car park in the next block which was the designated assembly area. The fire-drill was a visual feast as the company had engaged the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to conduct a mock rescue operation complete with smoke, fire attack vehicles and 'trapped' victims being whisked away to safety by valiant members of the SCDF. It was as good as watching a TV show.

After the mock rescue operation, appointed fire wardens started marking attendance, department by department. Looking around the crowd gathered at the car park, I could not help but notice that my office building was actually a hive of pretty girls, many of whom I hadn't seen before. Real eye candy I must say.

There's that elegant executive in the grey suit to my right:

Then there're two cutie-pies to my left. Good heavens.

It's unsurprising that some people would mysteriously 'disappear' during the fire-drill. Probably off to buy coffee or something. Needless to say, those who failed to be present at the car-park were considered as 'casualties'.

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