Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dizzy Spell

Chinese text above: "The God of Wealth cometh!"



Anonymous said...

i am fainting too..
looking forward for your new post

Tommy said...


natalie said...

LOL.. nice one

Anonymous said...

your comics are very cool. i like your style. what is your job?

actually, i learn anatomy for my draw-ability. what were you up to?

A.O. said...

To Michael Wirth:

I'm a web designer by profession.

Actually when it comes to anatomy, I make mistakes here and there when I draw.

But I don't strive for perfection. The average time taken to read a comic panel is maybe 5-10 seconds? As long as the reader understands the visual, I've achieved my goal.

I don't think anyone will rant about e.g. "Hey, you forgot to draw the knuckles!"

Just be comfortable with how you draw.


Anonymous said...

i was bored, therefore my comfortable draw and i catch my reflection on window by nigth.

hmm, my blog-text is unfortunately in german.

rightly, i haven´t knuckles :)

my ability isn´t still full-grow.
above all my english :)

my english-teacher say always: "boy i understand you please speak in german".

g.net said...

man, I've just stumbled onto gold mine when I found your blog. artwork and dialouge that instantly made me connect it to singapore, brilliant stuff!
I was looking through your archives and there was one post where you mention joining sgcomic.com, but that website seems to have disappeared. Could you direct me to where I can find it? Thanks much and keep up the awesome awesome work. *goes back to admiring the drawings haha*

A.O. said...

To g.net:

Greetings and thanks for reading my boh-liao comic and glad you enjoyed them :)

Sgcomic.com is now:


Have a good weekend ahead.

Anonymous said...

hey A.O. can you give me any singapore web-radio. i would like listen your radio. here german radio:


A.O. said...

To michael wirth:

You may not believe it but internet radio streamings in Singapore have gone offline since 1 March, 2009. Due to licensing issues I believe.

Ah 9 said...

You should be a featured artist in that STGCC. :)

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