Monday, June 30, 2008

Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 2008

Ol'Dan was at the 501st Legion - Singapore Garrison booth (B15) over the weekend (28-29 June) and 'trooped' as an Imperial Officer, Death Star Gunner and AT-AT Driver from the Star Wars movies.

I don't know if I bumped into readers (other than Ah-9 and Natsu) of my comic blog there but here're some pics of me in costume (photos copyright of their respective owners):

Ol'Dan as an Imperial Officer (Right)

Ol'Dan as a Death Star Gunner (Right)

Ol'Dan as an AT-AT Driver (Left) - Btw, I love that little girl's facial expression. Hehe.

Thanks for the polaroid, Ah-9 and Natsu. Good to see you again :)


Mockingbird said...

Ha, ha, ha...! :D The little girl looked like she's scared shitless, guess maybe she thought the storm troopers were going to abduct her and detain her indefinitely on the Death Star or something :p

infestor51 said...

Heh, the convention was awesome...except for the management, to be honest.

I might have bumped into you Saturday, but I wasn't sure that the Imperial officer I saw was you, and I lack the memory to freaking remember the face (though it looks damn familiar).

You were escorting someone in a black suit though, near the Wii booth I think.

One of you guys won the cosplay contest on Saturday, congrats.

Anonymous said...

I think i saw u as the imperial offr on sat afternoon while i was passing the 501st booth... you guys were ubiquitous - every lane i went, i was behind two or three guys in SW costumes haha

Jacky Chin said...

Ehh...What is that black trooper called?...Dark trooper?...hehe...just curious...(^_^)"

A.O. said...

To 'jacky chin':

The black trooper is a 'Shadow Stormtrooper' working under an Agent Blackhole of the Empire. More info here.

Jacky Chin said...

Thank man, that is very informative, I never knew of their existance...A Shadow stormtrooper, that is extremely rare I guess... (^_^)"

nikki said...

doode!!!! send in those pictures for their photography competition man!! seriously you will winnn!!!!!

Lupin Tan said...

I was there!!!!

I pass by the booth and wanted to ask for you, but don't know you around or not. Sat 3-4pm

Anyway, I was getting bored. Bought 3 BB Gundam Sengoku, walked one round and went back home.

Still think the hk one I went last year is nicer.

A.O. said...

To nikki:
Those photos do not belong to me, hehe.

To lupin tan:
I was definitely at the booth from 3-4pm on Sat doing the 'Death Star Gunner' shift. With that helmet on, I can't even see the floor so I didn't venture out of the booth at all. XD

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