Wednesday, April 02, 2008

STAR WARS & Me - 501st Legion

By now some of you would have known I'm a Star Wars costumer via my entry on the Chingay Parade. But what you may not know is that I'm part of an international costuming organisation known as the 501st Legion, which specialises in costuming as the Imperial forces from the Star Wars movies. Singapore has its own 'garrison' with 34 members.

Today's Straits Times LIFE! features our garrison as part of their write-up on the subculture of hardcore fans. Ol'Dan can be spotted in the photos (see below):


professor said...

Hello Daniel!

The moment I read that Life article's first page, just had a feeling you'll be inside.

Then I flipped to page 2 and tada! Managed to recognise you. It's been quite some time since we last met at Bloggers Con.

Cool man!


Ah 9 said...

Go Dan Go!!


Mockingbird said...

You must be quite well-to-do to be able to afford such an expensive Storm Trooper costume :) Way to go pal :) Keep up the good work :)

agaricus said...


The Force must be strong with me. I, too am Hainanese and am ALSO joining the 501st (together with my boyfriend), as Visas Marr.

I take it you also attended the gatherings at KM's house?

A.O. said...


your name stars with an 'O' and ends with an 'E', right? Hehe. I don't attend the gatherings at KM's place as I don't have anything all white (or any 'new projects') to work on.

Since you're Hainanese, here's what I think about the Stormtrooper costume (for you to decipher):

"Siang Suan Tian Beh, Jian Lah Wah, Nah Jian Ou Bang Jeo." HAHA!

Saw your pic from the H.O.T.E. screening at KM's place with you swinging the saber.

Looking forward to seeing your Visas Marr costume and both you and your bf on board the 501st.

Great to know a fellow Hainanese. :D

agaricus said...

Eh of COURSE chin ou bang jioh in that costume lah! Why else do you think Mr Soon went to tailor a 'special' outfit for his trooping gear? Sorry for the late reply. I am too used to LJ whereby replies to my comments etc get emailed to me :( And yes, you're right about my name. I take it your family also hails from Wenchang?

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