Monday, March 10, 2008

Evasive Action

An 'A.O. fansubs' presentation:



Teoh Yi Chie said...

The story telling technique reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes

HanSolo said...

heh heh, that was well-conceived and executed. Looking forward to more from you!

Jon.C said...

Great concept~ Never saw it coming.
You are a national treasure =) Keep them coming~!


Cruiser said...

Maybe the Captain would consider purchasing an "invisible cloak" from topshop? heh.

A.O. said...

To jon.c:

A national treasure? Heh. My webstats seem to tell me even in death, I will still be a nobody.


Thanks for reading.

professor76 said...

Heh, quality work as usual.

Anonymous said...

... or maybe the webstats is saying "try to be more consistent and we'll do great"

just my two cents, i remember there was a period when DeathNote was coming out at 5 to 6 months per issue, very few bother to keep check.

well of course, i'm not saying it's easy, nothing worth doing in life is easy heh :)

A.O. said...

To 'anonymous' directly above:

"Nothing worth doing in life is easy" - Can't agree better. Thanks for reading :)

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