Thursday, November 03, 2005


Yo Prof, Happy Birthday to you too! And not forgetting a big Happy Birthday to actress Lin Ching Hsia (aka 'Asia The Invincible') also.

After 32 years, still none the wiser.

Like that lor.



professor said...

Oh yeah, Lin Ching-Hsia shares the same birthday too, mentioned that before!

How do you plan to celebrate the day? For me, just lunch with family...and nothing else. Sounds boring but it's like that lor.

fortycalibernap said...

happy birthday, dw.

and if it's any consolation, there's none of us the wiser.

which is why i love your avatar panel so.

Natsu の Umi said...

Happy Bird day to U, Happy Bird day to U, Happy bird day to U-oooo... Happy Birthday to U!

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