Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Travel Tips

Updated on 10 September 2008: Amended grammar for German dialogue. Thanks to Michael Wirth for pointing out the mistake. Danke!


professor said...

Well, Germany is known as Deutschland. The last two letters to signify a web-site hosted in Deutschland, "de" reads the same as Germany pronounced in Mandarin!

"De(2) Guo(2)"

Esdee said...

They seriously dunno english or just refuse to speak it? Cuz I know that when I went to HK, they KNOW english but refuse to tell me info in english ... always Cantonese which I dunno at all.

Beng said...

Haha... that's why I didn't bother to learn at least the basic French when I went to Paris. Even if I could ask them the correct question, how am I going to figure out what to learn before hand for their answers?

Just use the oh-so-universal sign language! :D

Michael Wirth said...

hello, i come from germany.

"Guten Tag. Was kann ich für Sie erhalten."

sry, but there is slight mistake.

i would say:
"Guten Tag. Was kann ich ihnen geben." or "Was möchten Sie."

A.O. said...

To Michael Wirth:

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I simply used Babelfish to churn out the English-to-German translation and I was hoping one day someone would voice out any mistakes. Danke! The amended text has been reflected in the comic above.

Thanks for reading my comics :D

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