Tuesday, September 06, 2005

COMEX 2005 post mortem

P.C. SHOW, I.T. SHOW, COMEX... tech-mad Singaporeans just can't get enough. After getting two 1GB compact flash cards, I decided to indulge in my favourite pass time: observing people.

Click image above to view a larger version

It's always crowded at such events but this year's COMEX was ultra-chaotic.


Kenneth Chiew said...


I like the last comic

Lupin Tan said...

The last 2 pic reminds me of Land of the dead

Esdee said...

Haha ... sooo true ... I went Comex on the LAST DAY some more. Nearly died from the traffic and human jams!

Gina said...

haha. those people looked like zombies! X))

BlacksheeP said...

Fell off the chair!!!
Hahahahahaha!!! Look at the expressions of e ppl!!!
I like the effect when u draw e guy as one of e zombies, when u r focusing on e chio babes. kakakakaka!!!

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